Holiday knitting

I’m thinking ahead to a trip we are taking before too long:

A few days camping, then a few car journeys and staying with people. The big question is what to knit. Space is limited, so I really need to pick one project. It can’t be fiddly and it needs to be able to stand being dropped at any point so I can run and rescue the little girl from whatever mischief she has got into.

None of my current WIPs will do:

  • Amigurumi project: too fiddly and too many bits to lose
  • Socks – complicated chart to follow
  • Swirl: too big to pack
  • modular scarf: probably too big to pack and wouldn’t keep me entertained
  • Square a month blanket: too big to pack

Next in my queue I have Color Affection, but I utterly refuse to take cashmere on a camping trip.

Here’s my queue. Anything catch your eye? I’m wondering about Shogun.







5 responses to “Holiday knitting”

  1. Bonnie avatar

    I’ve made a couple of pairs of Leyburns. I like the pattern and think it’s fairly easy to figure out where you left off.

    1. Knitter avatar

      Those are a definite possibility. Not sure I have quite the right skein of sock yarn for them though. I’m erring more towards a hat at the moment, looking at Woolly Wormhead’s options for fingering-weight yarn.

  2. beks avatar

    my go to travel projects are
    – hitchhiker, or any cowl knitted in the round which doesn’t need a printed pattern
    – vanilla socks (or a pattern that doesn’t need a chart eg vanilla latte, rib, summer sky)
    – sock head hat

    and i would definitely not take cashmere camping. that’s just asking for trouble

    1. Knitter avatar

      I’m very tempted by the hitchhiker (and its sister shawls). Yesterday I was sure about making a hat. Now I’m wavering.
      Vanilla socks really won’t keep me interested, but a simple pattern on a sock might work.
      Thanks for the ideas

  3. Beth avatar

    I recognise much of your Q. Some I stil have queued, others I have given up on, and others have been knitted.

    Simmer Dim in its 2ply incarnation is a lovely, lovely thing. Enough in it to keep you interested, not too complex to put down mid-row and return to. Weighs next to nothing and packs easily into a small bag if on circs. I love mine.

    Not sure there’s enough in it to keep you busy for a whole trip, though

    The moebius would be an excellent travel companion, but I’d be packing Catkin irrespective of the need for two yarns… simply because I have wanted to get that on my needles since the day that it was published. I however do not have child at foot.