This blog has been largely dormant for a few years. I’m resurrecting it so I have a place to write about a current project. I’m keeping the name of the blog as “Mostly Knitting” but, for the next few months that title might be less than accurate. Why? I have been given the gift of three months study leave. During this time, a project on church buildings and apologetics is my main focus. However, there will still inevitably be knitting.

Who’s who?

Me? I’m a knitter. I love to read and write and daydream. I used to live at the top of a hill in a little village and work for the Church. Now, I live in the middle of an old city and still work for the Church.

Since I first wrote this page, the small girl and larger boy have grown into the pre-teen and the teen. Both can knit. Neither chooses to do so. The husband still loves the warm feet that knitting provides, but continues to marvel at the amount of yarn in the house.

The feline cast has changed. We now have two black cats, who are unimpressed that knitting gets in the way of them sitting on my lap.

You can send me a message as well as commenting. Try writing to knitblog at the domain name above.


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  1. Elka Evalds avatar

    Could I send you a copy of my book, Granny Magic? It is a children’s book about a gang of grannies whose knitting has magical powers. It was published by Chicken House Books last year. I would love it if you liked it enough to mention it in your lovely blog.

    1. Knitter avatar

      Hi Elka, that sounds really interesting. Do get in touch.

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