Several years into writing a blog is a good time to realise you don’t have an introductory page.

Welcome to Mostly Knitting. It should not surprise you to learn that, mostly, I will be writing about knitting. Do leave comments or suggestions.

Who’s who?

Me? I’m a knitter. I love to read and write and daydream. I live at the top of a hill in a little village and I work for the Church, although I only write about it here in so far as it impinges on my knitting.

There’s also a small girl and a larger boy around, who are somewhat intrigued by knitting. The boy has nailed the knit stitch, but is not a fan of the length of time it takes to make progress. There’s a husband and a cat, both of whom are less enamoured by the knitting, although the husband is a lot more on board since I began to knit warm socks for him to wear. The cat thinks she would be a much better covering for my lap than the latest knitting.

You can send me a message as well as commenting. Try writing to knitblog at the domain name above.


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  1. Could I send you a copy of my book, Granny Magic? It is a children’s book about a gang of grannies whose knitting has magical powers. It was published by Chicken House Books last year. I would love it if you liked it enough to mention it in your lovely blog.

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