Two by two, hands of blue

Apologies to any Firefly fans who are now slightly freaking out from reading the title of the post, but really, what else could I call it, given that I have been making these?

These are the Vintage Buttons Gloves by Ysolda Teague.

Since the photo, I have completed the other three fingers, with 2 yards of yarn left in the ball for the thumb. No worries: I have another 3 (or possibly 4) balls, ready to make some sort of neck-warming device to go with the gloves and the hat.

I love the pattern for these gloves, except that the fingers are really quite chunky. I could easily take out half a dozen stitches and they would still fit fine. I’m not bothered enough about it to reknit them though: there are only so many fiddly, finnicky fingers that one can bear to knit within a certain time.

I’ll finish these today, so I can show them off tomorrow.

What’s happening tomorrow, I hear you ask?

Tomorrow, I am going down to Little Hounsdales Knits for a whole day knitting workshop with Woolly Wormhead. I will be learning about hat design, possibly figuring out what I need to do to make a hat that is flattering for all the weird head-shapes in this family (my own included), and knitting or talking about knitting ALL DAY. This pleases me.







2 responses to “Two by two, hands of blue”

  1. Daisy avatar

    Did you take pics at the workshop? And have all your family been dropped on their heads or is there another reason for the weird shapes?

    1. Knitter avatar

      I did take a picture – will post later.
      We haven’t been dropped on our heads, it is just the way we are made. Both sides of the family have large heads and the genes combine to produce heads that don’t seem to fit in normal hat sizes. T (age 4) is currently wearing an age 7-10 hat and it is quite snug.