The beaded socks are coming along nicely. Back on the needles for two at a time down the foot and they should be done this weekend.

Something a little different for the reading matter this week. I’ve been reading Linux Format magazine off and on since about 2005 and I’ve been a subscriber for the last two years. I’m totally reliant on open source software for everything I do, including using Gnu-Linux for my operating system (currently Ubuntu 12.04). Subscribing to this magazine means that I am supporting the Linux community in a very small way. At some point I’d like to get into writing documentation as a more hands-on contribution.

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4 responses to “Yarnalong”

  1. embracingitall avatar

    Gorgeous socks! My hubby is in the IT world, although he is wanting to head in the MonoTouch direction. Happy reading! Jacinta

    1. Knitter avatar

      Thanks! Happy reading to you as well.

  2. Leslie avatar

    Beaded socks – check now on my list. 🙂

  3. Daisy avatar

    Well. I don’t know anything about Linux but the socks look good!