Blue, blue, blue

I’m knitting away on my son’s birthday sweater. Nearly finished the main body up to the armholes. This evening I want to get most of the neck shaping done, so this will be a very brief post. My hands are constantly dyed blue from the indigo leaking off the Rowan Denim. Thankfully, soap tends to get rid of most of it.

I’ve taken pictures, but they are downstairs on the camera. Later in the week…

In other news: I was reading the footnotes of my BIG book of knitting (see prev. post) and discovered a book called The History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt. I ordered it through the library and I’m now browsing through it. I was intrigued to discover that Richard Rutt was the Bishop of Leicester. I knew there was a knitting bishop, but I didn’t know he’d written about it. I really must work on making sure that knitting can be partly counted as work in the future. I’ve a few ideas, but they aren’t totally formed yet.

Turning the computer off and heading downstairs to knit.







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  1. SpinningGill avatar

    Plenty of railway clerics, starting with Wilbert, have proved that work and pleasure can be combined. 😉