Crafting Balance and A Perfect Crafting Day

The topic for today is to talk about the balance between knitting and crochet, but I think I covered that in yesterday’s post, so I’m going to play my wildcard (3KCBWWC) and write on this topic instead:

Craft Your Perfect Day

My perfect knitting day would involve being on my own, away from the family. I would wake up bright and early in the morning, not worn out from feeding a baby in the middle of the night, and reach over to where my latest sock knitting was waiting for me. I’d put in a few rounds before getting up, possibly while listening to a podcast or two.

I would spend the day mostly sitting in my favourite chair, without the cat jumping up to check on progress. There would be a DVD of West Wing or something similar on the TV and the phone would not ring.

Around lunchtime I would finish the socks, photograph them and post to Ravelry. Then I would spend the afternoon immersed in pattern books and then browsing the stash to decide what to knit next.

Crucially, between 5pm and 7pm I would be relaxed and listening to soothing classical music, while eating something quick and casting on the new project. I would not be going through the kids’ tea, bath and bedtime routine.

The evening would continue, with more knitting, more tv and cups of decaff coffee magically appearing at regular intervals. At the end of the day, I would head off to sleep with a new Yarn Harlot book to read.

Maybe in 10 years time I’ll get a day like this. Hopefully a bit sooner!

Talking of finishing socks, here are the Eskarina Socks:





4 responses to “Crafting Balance and A Perfect Crafting Day”

  1. SpinningGill avatar

    Love the socks – and the ideal day! 🙂

  2. Daisy avatar

    I’d like a day like that too…

  3. Jenny avatar

    Well, funny, you have just described my day! I spent most of the morning and afternoon making a patchwork travel change mat for my new grand-baby, then microwaved a hearty casserole for dinner, which I made yesterday. I then spent the evening sitting in front of a log fire, knitting a cute fair isle hat for same grand baby. Just wait 40 years and you too can have that perfect craft day.

    1. Knitter avatar

      I love the little ones dearly, and I know I’ll miss these days of them needing me all the time. I had just had a very tiring day!