Driffield Farmers’ Market

Today I fulfilled a long-standing plan to go to Driffield Farmers’ Market and have a look at the Little Houndales Knits stall. Of course, when I say ‘have a look at’, I really mean ’empty my wallet onto the stall in return for yarn’. Fortunately, I don’t carry a great deal of cash with me.

Small boy modelling big hat

I stocked up on some Millamia yarn in Peacock blue. I’ve knitted a hat with this in the past and I would like gloves and some sort of scarf or cowl to go with it. The pattern is Bloody Stupid Johnson, (inspired by the Discworld’s most famous and least effective inventor) so somewhat appropriate that it looks enormous when modelled on the little boy’s head. It looks much better on me! At the front you can see my first attempt at grafting/kitcheneering in pattern, with the (inevitable?) half-stitch jog resulting from joining top and bottom of the knitting.

I’m intending to go for some gloves with little cables on of some sort, then adapt cables from the hat pattern to make a scarf. I’ve got 5 more balls of yarn, so I hope that is enough.

On the Little Houndales Knits stall I was able to browse copies of two of the books on my knitting wanted list: Knit Swirl by Sandra McIver and Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague. I haven’t really done very much sweater knitting and I’d like to know more about the theory of sizing before investing a large amount on some yarn. Both of these books are now very much at the top of my wish-list.

Apart from the trip to Driffield, the main activity of interest in the last few days has been watching the progress of my new laptop from the factory in China where it was built. I suppose most of the technology in my life is more widely travelled than I am, but this journey is really quite impressive. Thanks to the wonders of the UPS tracking system I know that the laptop left China on Thursday, dropped in on South Korea, Kazakhstan, Poland and Germany, before arriving in the UK at Castle Donnington today. It will now sit there all weekend because of the Easter Holiday. Ah well. I’ll be glad when it gets here. My current laptop has been showing an alarming propensity to fail and shut down without warning.

This evening is an unexpected evening in on my own. The kiddies are nearly asleep and DH has gone to the Easter Vigil service. I’m going to go and make one final check on the baby and then hopefully have a pleasant evening of knitting in front of the tv. Tonight might be the night when I get to knit the heels of my Sweet Tomato Heels socks.








3 responses to “Driffield Farmers’ Market”

  1. SpinningGill avatar

    I did the ‘watching the progress of a laptop from China’ a few months ago. 🙂 It seemed to sit at Castle D. for ages, then found its way to Edinburgh and Inverness before dropping off the edge of the world as far as UPS were concerned! It got here a day or two after. 🙂

  2. Daisy avatar

    Well the small boy seems to be enjoying wearing the big hat anyway! Did you prefer one of those books to t’other? I’ve been eyeing up the Ysolda one for a while.

    1. Knitter avatar

      They are very different. The Ysolda one seems to be a really thorough guide to making standard sweaters fit you properly. It has various patterns in, shown on two differently sized people.
      Knit, swirl could be a gimmick, but all the swirls look amazing.
      I’m blatantly going to buy whichever ones I don’t get for my birthday.