Finished, yet not


The swirl is finished, at least the knitting part of it. The joy of the final cast off after two years in progress was a lovely feeling. I spent a good hour with pins and blocking wires yesterday evening and now the spare room smells of wet wool, and is likely to do so for some days. Then the seaming: just one long seam from cuff to cuff round the back of the neck. Time to brush up on mattress stitch.

I’m now torn between starting something new or staying on the finishing off drive. I’ve bought the pattern for Ysolda’s new KAL, but I’m already a week behind, and I don’t really want a time pressure knit.

In a couple of weeks time I have a week away on a conference with work, so I need a really good project to take with me. I think, for now, I’ll keep going with some other WIPs.






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  2. Daisy avatar

    Nice one, can’t wait to see this one when it’s finished blocking! And isn’t blocking at this time of year a pain? It seems to take forever for anything to dry…