Fictitious Knitting

When I first started blogging here, one of the things I intended to do was to keep track of where I found mentions of knitting in literature. I even have a special category of posts just for this. Perhaps I’ve been knitting more than I’ve been reading because I haven’t really found many… until now.

Jasper Fforde’s The Well of Lost Plots page 354

Thursday (the book’s heroine) is returning to her fictional residence inside the story of a book. N.B. Pickwick is a dodo.

It felt as much like home as it had ever done. I kicked off my shoes and flopped on the sofa next to Gran, who had fallen asleep over a sock she was knitting. It was already a good twelve feet long, because, she said, ‘she had yet to build up enough courage to turn the heel’.

I closed my eyes for a moment and fell fast asleep without the nagging fear of Aornis, and it was nearly ten when I awoke. But I didn’t wake naturally – Pickwick was tugging at the corner of my dress.

‘Not now, Pickers,’ I mumbled sleepily, trying to turn over and nearly impaling myself on a knitting needle.

Doesn’t she realize that turning the heel is the best bit?

I do recommend Jasper Fforde’s writing. Start with The Eyre Affair to read the beginning of Thursday’s chronicles. If you like reading literature and are not averse to fantasy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.






2 responses to “Fictitious Knitting”

  1. Bonnie avatar

    I love these books! I didn’t remember the knitting reference, so thanks for posting that.

  2. Daisy avatar

    I have a friend who did something similar (it never did become a sock!).