Sitting in the sunshine

Our new house gets so much light. Having lived in a gloomy modern reinterpretation of a cottage for nearly four years (although in all other respects it was an excellent place to live), I am really rather enjoying sitting by the French windows and feeling the sun move gradually across the sky.

While waiting for the baby (who is pretty much a toddler now) to settle herself down to sleep, I have been updating my Ravelry stash with various bits and pieces I have picked up over the last few weeks. I had some assistance with this endeavour:


That collection of yarn is for my amigurumi project (including the elephant I made last week). Can you guess what it is going to be?

I mentioned a while back that I had picked up a spindle. Here’s the evidence:


I’ve got a little ball of singles from my first session at spindle-spinning and I think I’ve got about the same on the spindle now. Time to figure out plying perhaps.

I also finally plucked up the courage to try spinning on the wheel that I have borrowed. Great fun, but I can see that there is a huge amount of stuff to learn.

I’ve got about half an hour before the little one is due to wake up so I had better go and do some knitting. I’ve got into a groove with the pink socks and they are coming on very nicely. Probably won’t be finished in March, since I’m heading into one of the most hectic working weeks of the year, but I have great hopes for my week off after Easter.







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  1. Daisy avatar

    Stash looks lovely.