A while back, I knitted some slippers.


They are cunningly made from a handful of mitred squares, but they were too big and too floppy. They didn’t stay on my feet, so were a bit rubbish in terms of their intended function. I decided to keep them in case I ever figured out what to do with them.

As I read more about knitting, I realised that they are made from 100% wool (Colinette Hullaballoo), so are candidates for felting. I wasn’t sure how to go about felting them, so just ignored them for a while. This week, my current pair of slippers fell apart and my feet were cold, so the need was urgent.

I tied the knitted slippers up in a pillowcase (I’ve read the Yarn Harlot – I do not want to block the washer pump with stray fibre), added Ecover laundry liquid and put them on for a 40 degree normal wash. They came out significantly smaller and much more rigid. Just as I wanted. A few hours drying on a radiator and they were ready. I think I shall get some non-slip stick-on bits for the soles, although I quite enjoy skating round on our hard floors.








2 responses to “Slippery”

  1. SpinningGill avatar

    They look lovely! I bet they’re warm as well. 🙂

  2. Daisy avatar

    Cool! The “puffy” type fabric paint works well on slipper soles.