Finished and unfinished objects

The previous post, while full of news, was somewhat lacking in pictures. Let’s see if we can change that.
Man Socks
Here are the socks that I finished for Mr H. These are full of firsts: the first socks I’ve knitted for him, and in fact the first socks intended to be worn by a man. They are also the first socks with calf shaping that I’ve knitted and the first socks I’ve designed, although they are a fairly simple design.

The cast-on is JSSCO, which matches JSSBO in looks. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of this cast-on. It is very clever and does the job nicely, but is a real faff to get right. It is constructed using slip-knots and I was never completely happy with how it turned out on the needle.

Calf shapingThe main part of the sock is in 2×2 rib. The calf shaping was constructed to make the most of this and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. I put a cable down the outside of each sock, just to add some interest to what promised to be a very dull pair indeed.

The heel construction is my usual heel-flap and gusset, using eye of partridge on the flap. The cable just skirts the heel and continues down the foot. On the first sock, the cable merges a bit too much into the plain sole so I added an extra purl column to separate them on the second sock.

First sock
First sock
Second Sock
Second Sock

Socks for Anne

Onto current projects. These are the Sapient Pearwood Socks from last year’s Knitting Goddess When Granny Weatherwax Knits Socks club. They are nominally my January socks, but look like being my February socks as well, thanks to the new job and sundry other distractions. When complete, they will go to Anne, who requested a pair of knitted socks. Great pattern, with twisted stitches and mini-cables. I’m now charging up the second sock since I’ve memorised most of the pattern. Really nice toe-up construction that looks like a top down heel-flap. Can’t actually remember how it was done, but I liked it!

I’m knitting these on dpns just for a change. I tried some of the very short (10cm) dpns, but they don’t suit my style at all, just poke me constantly in the thumbs, so I went back to my trusty set of Knit Pro Harmony dpns.

Finally, here is the start of my swirl. Doesn’t look like much of anything yet, but it is growing slowly. I’ve had to order a replacement cable for my interchangeable needles after a pulled one apart while trying to move the stitches round the needle. If this cast-on was twisted I will be very cross indeed. I’ve checked it and checked it, but can’t be sure since I can’t see it all in its non-squished-up state. I do now have cable connectors (from the lovely people at Sanday Spinners) so I might put it onto a much longer needle to check it out.

Swirl[edited for slight inaccuracy]



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2 responses to “Finished and unfinished objects”

  1. Daisy avatar

    Mr H is obviously far more daring in his sock colours than Mr Daisy, who won’t countenance anything but black or grey (and hence why he hasn’t got any knitted socks yet!).

    1. Knitter avatar

      Mr H gets what he is given and is thankful for warm feet.

      I wouldn’t mind grey. Black I draw the line at.