I have reached a personal epiphany this evening.

The one regret I have about having taken up knitting is that my reading time has been so severely cut down. I used to have a book habit the way I now have a yarn habit. (Let’s be honest, I still have a book habit, it’s just that a lot of the books have ‘sock’ or ‘yarn’ in the title.)

This evening I am working on a very boring scarf, using straight needles and fairly thick yarn. There are 28 stitches to a row, just stocking stitch all the way and it needs to be 70cm long. While I am eager for this scarf to be finished, I have not been eager to invest the time in knitting it. I would rather be reading, specifically reading the archives of Yarn Harlot which I am doing for no apparent reasons other than I really like her blog, I’ve read a lot of her books recently and I haven’t done a re-read since 2009, when I lost a week and a half and nearly screwed up an essay by reading it from the beginning.

Turns out that I can read and knit if the knitting is simple enough and the reading held still (in this case, laptop balanced on chair arm). Woohoo! Life is going to get more interesting.

I’ve just reached February 2006 in the archives. Who wants a garter stitch scarf for Christmas?







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  1. Daisy avatar

    N bought the Killing DVD and I discovered I could knit and read at the same time!! The other time I tried it was on a train journey sharing a table with some very boring businessmen, who were clearly rather overawed by the fact I was simultaneously knitting AND reading the paper!