Sniper season

Tomorrow is the first of September and that means only one thing, as far as knitting is concerned: open season on sock-knitters.

At 2pm UK time, a variety of sock patterns will be released on the Sock Sniper website and I will choose my weapons (yarn and needles) to commence an attack on my target. The identity of sniper targets remains a secret for a couple of weeks, so I won’t say much about her – I have studied her dossier closely and I am fairly confident I can take her out.

At the same time, somewhere in the world, someone has their sights set on me. The rules of the game are simple: when a pair of socks arrives through the post, you are dead. Knitting after death is not permitted, but it is expected that any unfinished weapons are passed/posted to your sniper for them to finish on your behalf.

There is an international flavour to the game: 11 out of 58 players are from outside the US, so the speed (or lack thereof) of post is a big factor.

We don’t do this just for the fun of it: competition is fierce and there are prizes in various categories (last year I got two kills in and won ‘Last International Knitter Standing’), but also it raises funds for Doctors without Borders.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

If my sniper is reading this, hello! *waves*. May your knitting be slow and your domestic and work responsibilities be many. P.S. I love dark chocolate or (no surprise here) anything knitting-related, but I also just enjoy the feeling of wearing socks that someone else has knitted, even if it does lead to my demise.

Anyway, I’m having a late night working at my desk getting everything ready for work on Sunday, so I have no distractions tomorrow afternoon. I’m minding the kids until 1.59pm, then knitting until I can knit no more.

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  1. SpinningGill avatar

    That sounds like the sort of thing Beth ought to do! (Although she’s a bit socked out this year 🙂 )