Ravellenic Games

The last few weeks have been mostly about watching the Olympics, which of course means some Olympic Knitting as well, although trademark infringements mean that the Ravalympics have been renamed the Ravellenic Games. The principle remains the same: cast-on during the opening ceremony, cast-off before the end of the closing ceremony.

Last time, I was over-ambitious and tried to do a lace scarf, but abandoned it in favour of crochet socks (incidentally they are really uncomfortable and I don’t recommend crochet for socks).

This time, I picked out two projects. Here’s the result.

The before shot of the modular scarf. Target – to add 14 squares to it.

Here is the finished article, although of course it isn’t finished since it is now about 2 and a half feet long and I’m aiming for 6 feet. Still, some progress. Here’s the medal:

The second project was an Anthracite Cowl designed by Brenda Dayne and found in her ongoing ebook project Welsh for Rainbow.

I’ve only got the late night picture of it so far, but it is now blocking upstairs, so there may be a picture of it in use before too long. The colour is completely wrong in the picture – much more blue than grey. I came perilously close to not finishing this, both because of a lack of time and because the yarn very nearly ran out. The picot bind-off on the cast-on edge uses only one strand of yarn instead of two and only goes half way round, before switching to JSSBO. I’m happy with it, anyway.

This piece qualifies for medals in three events:

Is it possible that I’m becoming more realistic about what can be achieved in a particular time frame?





2 responses to “Ravellenic Games”

  1. Daisy avatar

    I feel exhausted! How did you manage all that along with one small child, one baby and a job?! I managed to knit two edges of a blanket in the same time frame!

    Love the medals by the way.

    1. Knitter avatar

      I had annual leave and knitted the cowl every evening while the child and baby were in bed. The modular squares I did mostly when I was thinking about preaching.