WIP Wednesday

I’ve made a lot of progress on the cotton sweater for my son. The main body is done and I’m 20 rows from the end of the first sleeve. Sadly, one ball of yarn was not sufficient for the sleeve, so I’m waiting for an extra ball to arrive. The picture is of the main body up to just before the split for the armholes. I’m finding that knitting with cotton for long periods of time is quite tiring on the hands, particularly the left hand, so I’m taking a break for a couple of days.

The new WIP are some socks for a friend who has a lot of pain in her feet. We’ve talked a lot about how socks need to be constructed for her, so I’m hoping these will help. We settled on a toe-up construction with plain foot, reinforced flap and gusset and a lovely cabled pattern on the leg. So far I have a toe.

Oh, and I mentioned a parcel in the post that would help an aspect of knitting go more swiftly…

This is the yarn for the socks, from Violet Green in colourway Lavendular.

The lurgy has hit us all big-time, so knitting isn’t going as quickly as it might. Hopefully things will be back to normal shortly.