Lever Knitting

One of the things that really interests me about knitting is ergonomics. How can I knit more comfortably and more quickly? How can I put the effort in now to protect my hands against future degeneration/arthritis/RSI/whatever else can go wrong?

The Yarn Harlot is known as a fairly speedy knitter who also gives talks on the ergonomics of knitting. Since we are sadly separated by the Atlantic Ocean and I don’t foresee being able to pop over for a knitting class any time soon, I’ve been looking on YouTube for some videos. Here is an interesting one:






4 responses to “Lever Knitting”

  1. Daisy avatar

    Interesting, haven’t tried that one. I’m getting rusty with Continental knitting too.

  2. Beth avatar

    Hi, Liz – just paying a reciprocal visit. I found this interesting. I have hand issues too and am looking into different methods for knitting. One that looks very promising is the Portuguese knitting style. Background details in this video

    1. Knitter avatar

      Thanks Beth. I’ve heard about Portugese knitting, but never looked at it in detail.

  3. SpinningGill avatar

    Interesting. I don’t see a lot of difference between that and the way I knit. The thumb action is certainly the same. I just tension my yarn around my ring and little fingers and use my index finger to do the throwing.
    The biggest contrast is between that type of knitting and the continental style I suppose.