Knitting project round-up September 2023

Shall we just say that the last two years of knitting projects were appropriately recorded elsewhere?

Let’s do a round-up of the currently active projects.

Rainbow socks

These were started back in February and were my Synod knitting for the big LLF debates. They have moved very slowly, although have accompanied me everywhere I went as they have been handbag knitting. The slow progress is mainly due to very rarely taking them out of the handbag and knitting on them. I took them to Wales on holiday earlier in the summer and focussed a bit more, so I now have a whole sock completed and am heading down the second one.

One complete knitted sock in rainbow colours, one partly knitted sock, a ball of rainbow yarn
Socks in progress

The plan for these socks is to try out a true afterthought heel, following the suggestions from the Yarn Harlot’s patreon. So, at the moment, they are just tubes of knitting with no shaping with a cuff on one end and a heel on the other. I really want these done so I am planning to sit with a film or book and knit for the rest of today.

Modular scarf

This pattern and yarn is from the kit that I got with the Confident Knitting book. I ended up getting 9 of the 12 kits. This is the 8th one, so I have another waiting when this is done.

A partially knitted scarf constructed of small squares in shades of grey and orange
Findhorn Wrap in progress

It is a simple and effective pattern. Each square is knitted onto the previous ones, using a Russian Join for colour changes so no ends to weave in at the end. I’m currently working my way up the second column of four columns. On a normal work day, one square is about the right amount of knitting to do during morning prayer.


This is supposed to be a quick and easy project to fill an afternoon or two, but I got distracted so haven’t made much progress. The pattern is Footsy, by Romi Hill. Using up leftover sock yarn.

A small piece of colourwork knitting in red and black, being held flat.

Lavinia shawl

I bought the yarn and pattern for this project at Yarndale last year. It is a laceweight project so quite slow going and looks like a pile of noodles until it is finished. There are only another 39 rows to go, but every row is longer than the preceding rows and I’m up to 720 stitches per row. There are also several beaded rows near the end that are going to be quite fiddly.

A partially knitted circular shawl, still on the needles and rather scrunched up.

The plan for this shawl is to wear it for black-tie dinners, the next one of which will probably be November. Looks like I need to move this up the priority list and do a row every day.

Random jumper I have not knitted

A few weeks ago, someone I knew was downsizing and needed to move out a lot of bags of yarn and projects in progress. I happily adopted them. Their idea was that I could rip the projects out and re-use the yarn. I may do this with some of the projects but this one is so nearly complete that I thought I would just sew the seams and wear it. I have no idea of the yarn or pattern but it is going to be great for the winter.

A dark blue roll-neck jumper with the side seams unfinished.


Currently on hiatus. I do have a piece of fibre on the wheel at the moment but I haven’t done much with it in a while. Hiding under a chair in my study is a whole fleece that a friend of my Mum sent me earlier this year. I’m hopeful that I can pay someone to scour it so I can use it to practise combing.

Up next

As the weather begins to turn, it will be time to make gloves or mittens for the young people of the household, their hands having grown ridiculously this year.