Sweet Tomato Eskarina Coriolis

For the first time since last July, I had no socks on the needles, and not even a second sock to do. This state of affairs began at the end of February and continued until yesterday. Of course, there was a scarf being made with sock-weight yarn, but it didn’t have the portability of a sock.

This sad situation has now been remedied. I’m using the March yarn from the Sock Club I am in: When Granny Weatherwax Knits Socks from The Knitting Goddess. The yarn and pattern are both inspired by Terry Pratchett’s book Equal Rites. The yarn is pale blue, with flashes of red and yellow. The pattern (Eskarina) looks nice enough, but I have a hankering to learn a new sock construction.

The sock construction I am using is Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato (I have to remind myself to say Tom-may-to rather than Tom-mar-to) Heel. I love the sweeping curl of the Coriolis design she uses. I’ve knitted the version from New Pathways for my sister and the Sweet Tomato Heel version was released last week. So, there we have it. I could just knit the Sweet Tomato Heel Coriolis, but I want to give at least a mention in the socks to the Eskarina pattern.

In the New Pathways Coriolis, Cat mentions that you can widen the coriolis band – let’s hope the same applies to the Sweet Tomato version! I’m going to attempt to widen it enough to fit one repeat of the Eskarina lace pattern in it. It will take a bit of working out, but I have confidence that it can be done. I’ll start the Coriolis band a bit further up the foot to ensure that it will be in the correct place to avoid the heel.

So far, I have three inches of toe, working two at a time on two circs. Pictures in due course, when something interesting happens. I think we’ve all seen sock toes before.