You’ll never guess what I’ve been knitting.

Yes. More long, long rows of cardigan. Only a few more rows to go, then the sleeves and the edging. The next decision will be how to mask the change in dye-lot for the last two skeins.

There’s a new book on my wishlist: The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt. I’ve heard that the first edition is a bit of a classic that has been hard to source for ages. The second edition was published yesterday and has been thoroughly updated. I can’t decide whether to get it for the Kindle or as a hardback. It is about 900 pages so would be a bit of a doorstop.

Back to the second of the Pot Pourri Socks now. I’m moving slowly down the leg, thanks to a weekend away where it really wasn’t practical to fit the cardigan in the car, not without leaving one of the children behind anyway.