Sniper Shot

I’m not quite sure how, but somewhere in the last 11 days I managed to finish my socks for Sock Sniper. They have now gone to the post office to begin their travelling overseas.

The yarn is Smoothie Sock from Artist’s Palette yarns – one of my favourite yarn bases. The semi-solids are particularly lovely. This is the fourth pair of socks I’ve knitted in Smoothie Sock – well, strictly speaking the third since I’ve not quite finished the beaded ones yet.

I had a trip to the Colinette mill shop in Llanfair Caereinion yesterday and I now have a huge bag of goodies. Photos to follow.

The end of an era and a new start

Yesterday morning, at approximately 5am, a significant milestone was reached: I finished listening to episode 91 of Cast On. When I started listening to Cast On, I downloaded the most recent series at that point, beginning at episode 92. Then after I reached episode 98, there were no more new episodes for a few months so I went back and started to listen from the beginning, as well as catching up with the new ones. Episode 91 was the very last one I had to listen to.

At first I used to listen in the car on the way to meetings, but then for the last four months Cast On began to accompany me through early morning feeding times. I think I will forever associate the mellow tones of Brenda Dayne with being slightly sleep deprived and holding a small, hungry baby in the dark.

I can’t quite express how comforting it has been to hear Brenda chatting away about knitting, this week’s sweater, adventures in natural dying, life in South Wales and many other things.  Brenda, I’ll miss hearing you every day, but I’ll still be downloading the new episodes: thank you. At least there are other knitting-related podcasts to listen to as well. Hey, maybe the baby will get the hint that it might be time to sleep through the night, or maybe not!

So that was the end of an era. The new start was a knitting group. At the farmers’ market last week, I discovered that there is a new weekly knitting group meeting in the King’s Head at Nafferton on a Wednesday afternoon. I won’t be able to go every week, but I drove over there this week and had a lovely time. Kath from Little Houndales Knits was there and there were many people who were happy to entertain the baby while I knit a few rows on my socks. It is just so lovely to chat about knitting with people who understand.

I’ve finished the heels of my Sweet Tomato Socks. Very clever sockitecture, I like it. The only downside is that the heel uses two thirds of the stitches, so it is a bit tricky to adapt other patterns to use this heel. Maybe I’ll just work a few of the patterns in the book. It’s not as if I am short of sock yarn! Anyway, I’m heading up the legs, using the Eskarina leg pattern.


Driffield Farmers’ Market

Today I fulfilled a long-standing plan to go to Driffield Farmers’ Market and have a look at the Little Houndales Knits stall. Of course, when I say ‘have a look at’, I really mean ’empty my wallet onto the stall in return for yarn’. Fortunately, I don’t carry a great deal of cash with me.

Small boy modelling big hat

I stocked up on some Millamia yarn in Peacock blue. I’ve knitted a hat with this in the past and I would like gloves and some sort of scarf or cowl to go with it. The pattern is Bloody Stupid Johnson, (inspired by the Discworld’s most famous and least effective inventor) so somewhat appropriate that it looks enormous when modelled on the little boy’s head. It looks much better on me! At the front you can see my first attempt at grafting/kitcheneering in pattern, with the (inevitable?) half-stitch jog resulting from joining top and bottom of the knitting.

I’m intending to go for some gloves with little cables on of some sort, then adapt cables from the hat pattern to make a scarf. I’ve got 5 more balls of yarn, so I hope that is enough.

On the Little Houndales Knits stall I was able to browse copies of two of the books on my knitting wanted list: Knit Swirl by Sandra McIver and Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague. I haven’t really done very much sweater knitting and I’d like to know more about the theory of sizing before investing a large amount on some yarn. Both of these books are now very much at the top of my wish-list.

Apart from the trip to Driffield, the main activity of interest in the last few days has been watching the progress of my new laptop from the factory in China where it was built. I suppose most of the technology in my life is more widely travelled than I am, but this journey is really quite impressive. Thanks to the wonders of the UPS tracking system I know that the laptop left China on Thursday, dropped in on South Korea, Kazakhstan, Poland and Germany, before arriving in the UK at Castle Donnington today. It will now sit there all weekend because of the Easter Holiday. Ah well. I’ll be glad when it gets here. My current laptop has been showing an alarming propensity to fail and shut down without warning.

This evening is an unexpected evening in on my own. The kiddies are nearly asleep and DH has gone to the Easter Vigil service. I’m going to go and make one final check on the baby and then hopefully have a pleasant evening of knitting in front of the tv. Tonight might be the night when I get to knit the heels of my Sweet Tomato Heels socks.


Second Sleeve

It turns out that sleeves are very straightforward. I’m on to the second sleeve and just needing to find the time to chug on through 110-ish rows. Really starting to look forward to wearing it now.

In other news, we managed to visit a yarn shop today: Poppy’s on Colliergate in York. I had plans to buy some Noro Kureyon so I could make a Lanesplitter skirt*, but I was stymied by a combination of not enough of any one colourway available and a small boy’s need for a wee. Another time perhaps.


* If there is a bandwagon to jump on, I’m there